Wilhelm Fugger
Historical Figure
Nationality: Germany
Date of Birth: 1585
Date of Death: 1659
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Relatives: Jacob Fugger (ancestor)
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): Grantville Gazette XXIV
Type of Appearance: Direct
Wilhelm Fugger (1585-1659) was a member of the Fugger family, which at its pinacle was probably the richest family in Germany.

Wilhelm Fugger in 1632Edit

Following the defeat of Denmark and the League of Ostend, Wilhelm Fugger and the financial lords of Augsburg agreed to join the United States of Europe and leave the Holy Roman Empire, but only if the Swedish occupation ended sooner. Fugger'ss family business, and along with the other business owners of Augsburg, were being squeezed by the city's occupation and hampered by military checkpoints placed throughout the Upper Palatinate.

Fugger was keenly aware of the German Pentecostal movement led by popular minister Dieter Fischer, whom Fugger saw as a potential leader in the USE. Fugger questioned Marco Garb, an associate of Fischer's, and learned that Garb's daughter Constanzia was in love with Fischer. Fugger saw this as a chance to influence and control Fischer, and bring him to the 'right' side of Fugger and his associates' purposes, including the end to the occupation. He tasked an accepting Garb with manipulating Fischer.