The United States of Europe Air Force was created by President Michael Stearns and his cabinet. Colonel James "Jesse" Wood was appointed as Commanding Officer, as he was only person in Grantville with up-time USAF flight experience. Colonel Woods' star student and wingman was down-time German Hans Richter.

The USEAF started with only a single plane, the Las Vegas Belle. It was a high-winged plane that could carry up to eight drop bombs or four rockets attached at hard points under the wing.

The next type was the four-seater "Gustav", named because Col. Wood thought it slightly resembled a ME-109 when seen from the side, and because he thought King Gustav might think it was named after him.[1][2]

By the end of 1634, the USEAF had a handful of planes and had developed the art of aerial bombing. However, its primary purpose remained aerial reconnaissance. It could only fly in good weather, so it did not provide a huge advantage for the USE in their invasion of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


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