The His Most Christian Majesty Railleuse is a thirty-two-gun French ship frigate commanded by Captain Jean-Marie Grosclaud. The Railleuse participated in the year-long blockade from the fall of 1633 through the spring of 1634. However, natural circumstances from the Baltic weather forced the ship to retreat back to the France.

The Railleuse traveled to the Bay of Kiel where it encountered its first naval battle against the USE Navy ironclad Constitution. Grosclaud had his ship in taking the first shot against the Constitution, but its eighteen pound cannon are totally ineffective against the United States Navy's despite out scoring the ironclads four hits to two. Ultimately, the Railleuse was shot with two explosive carronade shells in which the battle came to an abrupt end as the aft hitting shell flares up into a fire which threatens to engulf the ship in short order—fire was always a problem in wooden ships for even most things that weren't wood were covered with tar and pitch (Oakum) as preservative against water damages. Fortunately, the Constitution spared the Railleuse with firehoses and saving its crew including its captain.