Phineas Riall
Historical Figure
Nationality: United Kingdom
Religion: Protestantism
Date of Birth: 1775
Date of Death: 1850
Cause of Death: Natural Causes
Occupation: Soldier
Trail of Glory
POD: March 27, 1814
Appearance(s): 1812: The Rivers of War
Type of Appearance: Direct
Sir Phineas Riall, KCH (1775-1850) was an Irish-born British officer and politician. After a period in the West Indies, Riall was transferred to Canada, and participated in the War of 1812. In July, 1814, he ordered a disasterous advance at the Battle of Chippewa, mistaking Winfield Scott's regulars for militia. The result was a defeat for the British. He was captured at the Battle of Lundy's Lane shortly after.

Afterwards, he served at the Lieutenant Governor of Grenada from 1816-1823.

Phineas Riall in Trail of GloryEdit

General Phineas Riall's fateful decision to attack United States Brigadier Winfield Scott's guns at the Battle of Chippewa led to disaster for his men and helped move along the careers of Scott, General Jacob Brown, and Patrick Driscol, the future Laird of Arkansas Chiefdom.

By July 4, 1814, word had reached Riall that the Americans had taken Fort Erie. Anticipating that Fort George would be the next target, Riall and his men entrenched around Chippewa Creek. When Scott's men appeared, Riall's men immediately drove them back out of range. British skrimishers encountered militia men under General Peter Porter. This, combined with the dusty gray uniforms of Scott's men led Riall to erroneously believe that he was dealing entirely with militia. He ordered an advance across the bridge.

Instead, Riall met with well-trained regulars. Scott's forces held their positions, inflicting substantial casualties on the British. When American reinforcements arrived, Riall crossed back across the bridge, which was immediately seized by the Americans, and eventually retreated into Fort George.

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