Paula Goodlett retired from the military as a non-commissioned officer in the early nineties. She broke her leg in 2003 which led to her browsing Baen's Bar lest she become bored during her enforced inactivity. Captivated by the 1632 universe concept, she began as a replacement special assistant to Eric Flint when his former assistant had to quit for personal reasons. She eventually wrote a large important sequence of the storyline in 1634: The Ram Rebellion. In it she invented the Ram which figures in the local revolution in a big way, though the Ram stories were mainly begun as a in-joke among the bar flies on 1632 Tech Manual. As of Grantville Gazette IV, Paula was named assistant editor, and as of Issue 8, Paula was named as Editor of the Grantville Gazettes, which have come out in e-zine format or e-books with much better regularity since. She is editor for the e-books subject to review by Flint, who maintains creative control of the story lines and series canon. Paula keeps an eye on 1632 Slush, and when a story has matured, is the person who nominates it to the 1632 Editorial Board, which she chairs. Additionally, Paula is assistant editor of the e-zine Jim Baen's Universe, and is in charge of the team of slush readers who screen every story submitted to the magazine. Paula mainly writes in tandem with Gorg Huff.

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