Patriarch Nikon
Historical Figure
Nationality: Russia
Religion: Russian Orthodox Church
Date of Birth: 1605
Date of Death: 1681
Cause of Death: Natural Causes
Occupation: Patriarch
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): 1636: The Kremlin Games
Type of Appearance: Direct
Date of Death: October 1635
Nikon (Russian: Ни́кон, Old Russian: Нїконъ), born Nikita Minin (Никита Минин; 7 May 1605 Valmanovo, Russia—17 August 1681), was the seventh patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. This was one of the most important periods in the Church's history, as Nikon introduced many reforms which eventually led to a lasting schism known as Raskol in the Russian language.

Patriarch Nikon in 1632Edit

Patriarch Nikon was in his late 20s after Grantville appeared in 1631, and was far from being interested in church reforms. However, Patriarch Filaret and Ivan Fedorovich read about Nikon's historical role from the Encyclopedia Britannica 1911, after which Filaret had seriously considered having the young Nikon murdered, but settled on having him located.[1][2]

In October of 1635, having been convinced that Filaret was a false patriarch, Nikon and two other priests forced their way into Filaret's private quarters and shot him dead. All three were killed immediately afterward.[3]


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Religious titles (OTL)
Preceded by
Patriarch of Moscow
Succeeded by
Joasaphus II