Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso
Historical Figure
Nationality: Tibet
Date of Birth: 1617
Date of Death: 1682
Occupation: Dalai Lama
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): Grantville Gazette VI
Type of Appearance: Direct
Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso, Great Fifth Dalai Lama (1617–1682), was a political and religious leader in seventeenth-century Tibet. Ngawang Lozang Gyatso was the ordination name he had received from Panchen Lozang Chökyi Gyeltsen who was responsible for his ordination. He was the first Dalai Lama to wield effective political power over central Tibet, and is frequently referred to as the "Great Fifth Dalai Lama".

5th Dalai Lama 1632Edit

Dalai Lama V Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso was presented an electric Buddha lamp as a gift by His Majesty Gegen Setsen Khan, who in turn had purchased the lamp from a trader who in turn bought it from the Khan of Dörvn Öörd Kalmyk, who in turn received from the town of Grantville. The Dalai Lama's curiosity was piqued by this and the idea of a "Shambhala town manifest in Phe-rang (Europe)" - which matches the Tibetan Buddhist descriptions of the Kingdom of Shambala (an otherwordly realm in the form of a Mandala/Circle). He grew interested in sending an embassy to Grantville to prove its authenticity as a Shambhala manifestation and to obtain new batteries for his gift.

Religious titles (OTL)
Preceded by
Yonten Gyatso
Dalai Lama
Recognized in 1618
Succeeded by
Tsangyang Gyatso