Magdelena Edelmann Stone
Fictional Character
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Type of Appearance: Direct
Occupation: Book-keeper
Parents: Karl Jurgen Edelmann (father)
Spouse: Tom Stone

Magdelena Edelmann Stone was the wife of Tom Stone and the daughter of Karl Jurgen Edelmann, the guildmaster of Jena.

At the time of the Ring of Fire, Magdelena was was a spinster in her early thirties serving as her father's book-keeper business. In 1632, she accompanied a delegation from Jena Grantville, where she met her future husband, Tom Stone. His initial courting was received with favor because the family was impressed with the wealth on display in Grantville, at least until her father realized "Stoner" wasn't the man of means he'd mistaken him to be. Herr Edelmann's position prodded Stone into developing new dyes at the Lothlorien Commune. With a clear means of support, Herr Edelmann allowed Magdelena marry Stone.

In 1633, Magda accompanied her husband to Italy as part of the embassy to Venice and also to lecture at the University of Padua. In Venice, Magdelena took her husband's wealth and used her business acumen to build it into a substantial fortune, making the Stones the "wealthiest family in Europe". Ably assisted by Sharon Nichols and a Jewish lawyer, the two women intended to shop from a list of needed commodities put together by Grantville's Research and Development establishment. Incensed by the prevailing cultural attitude that only men have a head for business, they proceed to use the power of radio communications to fleece all comers and dominate the Venetian and Baltic commodities markets for Grantville's entire shopping list, plus a lot more.