The Lothlorien Commune was a hardscrabble farm and greenhouse in Grantville abandoned in the 1990s by "all the Hippie 'Old-Ladies'" to the care and possession of The Stone Family. The Commune became a critical resource to the Grantville after the Ring of Fire. Just by providing the analgesic cannabis, Tom Stone would have made his fortune, but the Lothlorien greenhouse and barn also began sprouting wonderful new dyes, and by 1633-34, an easy to make early broad-spectrum antibiotic (about 250 years early).

USE Prime Minister Mike Stearns, in a typical calculation of primal forces underlying historic events, deliberately leaked (complete with sketches of manufacturing apparatus) information about the antibiotic to the Spanish forces besieging Amsterdam. The commune's influence on future events was thus tremendous, as Stearns was playing for the hearts and minds of the European masses, shifting the ground from under the authoritarian nobility, while they tried to control events in the same old ways.