London Bridge is a bridge between the City of London and Southwark in London, U.K., over the River Thames. Situated between Cannon Street Railway Bridge and Tower Bridge, it forms the western end of the Pool of London. On the south side of the bridge are Southwark Cathedral and London Bridge station; on the north side are the Monument to the Great Fire of London and Monument tube station.

It was the only bridge over the Thames downstream from Kingston until Putney Bridge opened in 1729. The current bridge opened on 17 March 1973 and is the latest in a succession of bridges to occupy the spot and claim the name.

London Bridge in 1632Edit

London Bridge (1616) by Claes Van Visscher

An engraving by Claes Van Visscher showing Old London Bridge in 1616, with what is now Southwark Cathedral in the foreground.

During the 1634 USE rescue of its captive embassy, Harry Lefferts' commando team bombed both London Bridge and the Globe Theatre in order to sow confusion, though they were careful to only bomb parts of the bridge that did not have people living on them.