Laurent Mauger
Fictional Character
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): Grantville Gazette XVI, 1635: The Dresson Incident
Nationality: France
Religion: Calvinism
Occupation: Wine merchant
Spouse: Velma Hardesty (second wife)
Relatives: Jean-Louis LaChapelle (nephew)

Laurent Mauger was a French wine merchant residing in Haarlem. He was also an indirect agent for Michel Ducos through his friend Jacques-Pierre Dumais. He was born to Huguenots from Dieppe, but was raised as a Calvinist. While Mauger was noticeably obese, he was also healthy, as evidenced by the energy with which he pursued the business affairs that took him around Europe on these frequent trips.

He was married and raised a family. In 1631, his wife passed away. His family had taken advantage of his grief to get him to sign a pledge that he would not remarry and beget another family. The marriage had not been a great romance. But it had endured for two decades and they had reared children together. Mauger had mourned his wife when she died.

Mauger approached Dumais about the possibility of going to Grantville to gather further information that could be used to benefit the Protestant cause in France. Although Dumais had agreed with only the most perfunctory raising of difficulties.