John Jolly
John Jolly
Historical Figure
Nationality: Cherokee (resident of the United States)
Occupation: Principle Chief
Children: Sam Houston (adopted son)
Relatives: John and James Rogers (nephews), Tiana Rogers (niece)
Affiliations: Cherokee Nation West
Trail of Glory
POD: March 27, 1814
Appearance(s): 1812: The Rivers of War
Type of Appearance: REferenced
John Jolly (?-1838), Cherokee name Ahuludegi, also known as Oolooteka, was elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation West upon the death of his brother Tahlonteskee in 1819. He was the adoptive father of Sam Houston

During Ahuludegi's term of office, the Cherokee Nation West adopted a constitution in 1828 establishing a tripartite government, like that previously adopted by the Cherokee Nation East in 1827. That year most of the western Cherokee moved from Arkansas Territory to the newly established Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma. Ahuludegi served as Principal Chief until his own death in December 1838.

John Jolly in Trail of GloryEdit

John Jolly had achieved a measure of fame in the early 19th century as the adoptive father of Sam Houston. Still, among the Cherokee, he was considered a relatively minor chief.

Political offices (OTL)
Preceded by
Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation West
Succeeded by
John Looney

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