John Bunyan
John Bunyan
Historical Figure
Nationality: England
Religion: Baptist
Date of Birth: 28 November 1628
Date of Death: 31 August 1688
Cause of Death: Natural Causes
Occupation: Writer, preacher
Parents: Thomas Bunyan, Margaret Bentley
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): Grantville Gazette XIII, "A Tinker's Progress"
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference

John Bunyan (28 November 1628 – 31 August 1688) was an English Christian writer and preacher, famous for writing The Pilgrim's Progress. Though he was a Reformed Baptist, in the Church of England, he is remembered with a Lesser Festival on 30 August.

John Bunyan in 1632Edit

John Bunyan was a toddler at the time of the Ring of Fire. His father Thomas Bunyan was summoned by Isaac Abrabanel and informed by him that Grantville had extended an invitation to the Bunyan family to relocate there. An attorney in Grantville had prepared an instrument to ensure the royalties for The Pilgrim's Progress were paid to young John Bunyan. Although John had not yet written anything, he was still undeniably the author. An old Free and Approved Mason wondered what John Bunyan's output would be when he received a first class education.