Johann Wilhelm Neumair von Ramsla
Historical Figure
Nationality: Germany
Date of Birth: 1572
Date of Death: 1641
Cause of Death: Natural Causes
Occupation: Author
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): 1636: The Saxon Uprising
Nationality: United States of Europe
Occupation: Politician
Johann Wilhelm Neumair von Ramsla (1527-1641) was a German political theorist, nobleman, and author. He wrote several treatises on the subject of war before and during the Thirty Years' War.

Johann Wilhelm Neumair von Ramsla in 1632Edit

In late 1635-early 1636, Johann Wilhelm Neumair von Ramsla was a part of the Crown Loyalists' Berlin convention; which was ostensibly called by Wilhelm Wettin, but was actually called by Axel Oxenstierna. In 1636, after Oxenstierna arrested and deposed Prime Minister Wettin, he "recommended" (although he had no power to do so) that the convention choose von Ramsla as the prime minister, much to von Ramsla's shock. A group of nobles had come to dominate the convention, and it immediately approved of von Ramsla (although it had no power to do so).

Oxenstierna had settled on Johann Wilhelm because of his age and his profession as a simple theorist, realizing that von Ramsla would then be a weak prime minister. Indeed, even after his selection, Oxenstierna did not invite von Ramsla to the podium to speak, and made sure the prime minister did absolutely nothing during his brief term.

Even so, the recovered Gustav II Adolf stripped him of all titles and lands. It is implied, though not stated, that he did not challenge this in the courts, even though the Emperor's authority to do that was disputable. It can be assumed that he was also fined for his participation in the "outlaw convention".


1636: The Saxon Uprising, chapters 11 and 54

Political offices (1632)
Preceded by
Wilhelm Wettin
Prime Minister of the United States of Europe
Succeeded by
Wilhelm Wettin

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