Cavendish is the surname of a British noble family, also known as the House of Cavendish, descended from Sir John Cavendish of Cavendish in the county of Suffolk (c. 1346–1381), which has held the following peerages:

  • The dukedom of Devonshire
  • The dukedom of Newcastle

House of Cavendish in 1632Edit

Thomas Hobbes served the Devonshire Cavendish family as a tutor to the young William Cavendish, 3rd Earl of Devonshire. When news of the American town of Grantville reached England, Christian Bruce assigned Hobbes to learn about the future history of the Cavendish family from Grantville's history books. To further disguise Hobbes' mission, William was sent with Hobbes on a European tour as part of the rites of English nobility.

Upon reaching Grantville, Hobbes researched everything he could find about the Cavendish family and any dynastic role it play in the future. Hobbes later delivered all the information back to Chatsworth House. Its valuable content would hold a steady and rich prominence for the Cavendish.