Homage to Catalonia, Cover, 1st Edition

Cover to a first edition of 'Homage to Catalonia.'

Homage to Catalonia is political journalist and novelist George Orwell's personal account of his experiences and observations in the Spanish Civil War. The first edition was published in 1938. The book was not published in the United States until February 1952. The American edition had a preface written by Lionel Trilling. The only translation made in Orwell's lifetime was into Italian, in December 1948.

Homage to Catalonia in 1632Edit

Giulio Gentileschi secretly gave a copy of Homage to Catalonia, originally intended as a wedding gift for Ruy Sanchez, to Spanish Inquisitor Fra Andres to read while he was sheltered in a Franciscan monastery in Florence. The book came with a note for Andres, "Read. Then we'll talk." Andres was absorbed into the book throughout the night.