Henrietta Maria
Henrietta Maria
Historical Figure
Nationality: England (born in France)
Religion: Catholicism
Date of Birth: 25 November 1609
Date of Death: 10 September 1669
Cause of Death: Accidental drug overdose
Occupation: Queen Consort
Spouse: Charles I of England
Children: Charles II, Mary (b. 4 November 1631), James II (b. 14 October 1633), several others
Relatives: Louis XIII of France (brother)
Affiliations: House of Stuart
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): 1633;
1634: The Baltic War
Type of Appearance: Direct
Date of Death: February 1634
Cause of Death: Carriage accident
Children: Charles II, Mary[1]
Henrietta Maria of France (French: Henriette Marie de France) (25 November 1609 – 10 September 1669) was the Queen consort of England, Scotland and Ireland as the wife of King Charles I.

She was the mother of two kings, Charles II and James II, and was grandmother to Mary II, William III, and Anne of Great Britain.

Henrietta Maria in 1632Edit

Henrietta Maria was privately disdained by all who knew her, save for her husband, King Charles. This was especially due to her Catholic faith and French nationality, and her relationship to her brother, King Louis XIII. Much like her vain husband, she was considered another "royal twit".

When history books from Grantville were smuggled to England, Henrietta believed every word coming from the books about her and Charles' fated roles. When the plague was beginning to occur in London due to the thousands of mercenaries being brought to England from the European continent, Henrietta and Charles refused to believe that a plague would break out in London in 1633, as it never occurred in the original history. Thomas Wentworth tried to convince them otherwise, reasoning that events such as the large influx of mercenaries had not occurred in the original timeline. He was not successful in this.

When the plague did break out in London in 1634, Charles and Henrietta decided to leave for the safety of Oxford despite the fact that London and much of England was in turmoil. Shortly after the journey began, their carriage was confronted by members of London's Trained Bands, in a situation orchestrated by Richard Boyle, the Earl of Cork. Henrietta began screaming in panic, even though there was no real threat. For some reason, presumably an impulsive decision by Charles, their carriage turned around and started to head back into London. The horses panicked, and the carriage careened out of control before finally crashing. Henrietta was killed, and Charles was crippled.

Boyle's plan, designed to discredit Thomas Wentworth, worked perfectly. Boyle convinced the embittered Charles that Wentworth was to blame for the attack.


  1. While she was born after the Ring of Fire, she would have been conceived prior to it.
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