Helen Chalker
Fictional Character
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): Grantville Gazette XIX
Type of Appearance: Posthumous references
Nationality: United States
Religion: Pentecostalism
Cause of Death: Parkinson's disease

Helen Chalker was the wife of Grantville's Pentecostal Reverend, John Chalker. Helen died of Parkinson's disease years before the Ring of Fire. However, her life left a substanial impression on the town that continued on after it was sent into the past.

When the symptoms of her disorder had advanced beyond John Chalker's ability to provide for her care himself, Helen was hospitalized at the Manning Assisted Living Center in Grantville. She spent her the remainder of her life encouraging the other patients at the Center, always holding the hands of those who were depressed, and praying for them. She also befriended Lana Soper and somewhat adopted her as a surrogate daughter.