Guffy Pomeroy
Fictional Character
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): Grantville Gazette III
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Religion: Methodism
Date of Death: December 1631
Cause of Death: Electrocution
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Relatives: Lena Mason (cousin)

Guffy Pomeroy was a get-rich-quick schemer in Grantville. He was a former Vietnam War veteran and a pizza cook. He was a Methodist, but was not a church member. Guffy had a knack for getting people to back his schemes, usually to their detriment, and had done two years for passing bad checks in the original timeline.

After the Ring of Fire, Pomeroy had claimed he was going to be the re-inventor of the microwave oven and the microwave forge and so on. His efforts in his microwave project was funded by Claus Junker. However, Pomeroy was electrocuted while working on his ill-advised microwave. His body was discovered days later by Officer Gottlieb. Pomeroy's death immediately prompted some jitters in Grantville's fledgling stock market as some investors that had invested in the Pomeroy's microwave project, including Junker, lost a considerable sum on their investments.