Grigorii Ensheevich
Fictional Character
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): Grantville Gazette VIII
1636: The Kremlin Games
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Russia
Occupation: Family retainer

Grigorii Ensheevich was the family retainer of the Gorchakov family, acting as the estate's hunter. Ensheevich spent more time raising Vladimir Gorchakov when he was six years old than Vladimir's father had. Although Ensheevich was illiterate, he had a sure instinct for the ground and spotted things most people missed. He also bargained like a Moscow fishwife and had no respect for the dvoretskii, the bureaucratic nobility.

Ensheevich accompanied Vladimir and Boris Ivanovich Petrov to Grantville to see the so-called fable town from the future. After leaving Jena, Ensheevich was unhappy about leaving "that bureau man" (Petrov) in charge of trading the rest of their goods. Ensheevich, Makar Labkovich, Vladimir and Petrov went ahead from their entourage to see Grantville. Upon arriving on the outskirts, Ensheevich was astonished by the town.

After some difficulty, the group found affordable lodgings, which (with eight men sharing the room) was rather crampled. Initially, Ensheevich doubted that the up-timers would allow access to their knowledge of the future. However, when Petrov shared what he'd learned about Czar Michael and his father, Patriarch Filaret, including the dates of their deaths, Ensheevich was willing to reconsider his position. Ensheevich was also uncomfortable with hiring an up-time researcher to help them, but was glad to hear that Vladimir would enroll in a library science course

In 1633, Ensheevich and Petrov were informed by Vladimir of his relations with Brandy Bates and his mistrust towards Henning Drugen, whom Vladimir was convinced knew the Russian contingent was a spy. Both Ensheevich and Petrov quickly realized that the simple minded Vladimir was falling in love with Bates and was jealous of Drugen's attraction to her. Ensheevich and Petrov did not disabuse Vladimir of his belief, but Petrov was very worried about the noble Vladimir being involved with the common foreigner Bates. Ensheevich wasn't sure about that as he observed the Americans' way of handling rank differently.