Arsenic and Old ItaliansEdit

By Iver P. Cooper

Grantviller-turned-Sherlock must find out if a dead man was poisoned, and by whom.

The Irish Sitter SingsEdit

By Terry Howard

A trader picks up an Irish widow to nurse his bastard grandson, teaches her manners and music. An uptimer who has always wanted an Irish nanny for his children hires her.

Northwest Passage, Part OneEdit

By Herbert Sakalaucks and William Sakalaucks

Copenhagen group (which includes two Abrabanels) outfits a Hudson Bay iron mining Colony expedition.

Deep WaterEdit

By Kerryn Offord

Cannons must be recovered from ships sunk at Luebeck. The team hires a pearl diver from Spanish Mediterranean. After making a part-scuba device ... they decide to start diving wrecks in the Caribbean.


By David Carrico

Marla Linder's baby is stillborn. Andrea Abati and Carrissimi write the music for the funeral.

Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part Eight: As the Bear TurnsEdit

By Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett

Bernie feels betrayed by the party head withholding promised trade goods from Vlad.

Turn Your Radio On, Episode FourEdit

By Wood Hughes

A girl falls for Fischer. They plan tent revivals. He speaks against Jew attacks, which have been inspired by Martin Luther's writings in his final years.


Special Edition!Edit

By Markus Becker

Newspapers in 1632.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme: Gardening and Growing Food in 1632Edit

By Anette Pedersen

The Wind is Free: Sailing Ship Design, Part 2, SeaworthinessEdit

By Iver P. Cooper