"The Anaconda Project, Episode Five"Edit

By Eric Flint

"The Anaconda Project, Episode Six"Edit

By Eric Flint

"Bunny B. Goode"Edit

By Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett

A Spanish noble begs his family to build spinning machines and send angora rabbits so they won't be ruined by the new merino wool. But old habits die hard...

"Silver Age"Edit

By Virginia DeMarce

"Feng Shui for the Soul"Edit

By Kerryn Offord

"Ghosts on the Glass"Edit

By Tim Roesch

"Golden Corn—A Tale of Old Joe on the Mountain Top"Edit

By Terry Howard

"Lost In Translation"Edit

By Iver P. Cooper

"Comedy of Error"Edit

By Mark H. Huston

"BACK TO THE FLASH: The World Turned Upside Down"Edit

By John R. Johnson

Continuing SerialsEdit

"Homage to Etruria, Part One: The Patron's Plight"Edit

By Jay Robison

"Sonata, Part Three"Edit

By David Carrico


"The Steam Car"Edit

By Kevin H. Evans

"Safety First: Industrial Safety in 1632, Part One, Legal and Social Aspects"Edit

By Iver P. Cooper

"The Importance of Having a Pig: Food and Preservation in 1632"Edit

By Anette Pedersen

"Scraps of Fashion"Edit

By Lisa Satterlund