Grantville Gazette 12 was published on-line in July, 2007.


The Anaconda Project, Episode 1Edit

By Eric Flint


by Garrett W. Vance

The MonsterEdit

by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett

One Step Toward the CloudsEdit

by Sean Massey

The Price of DumplingsEdit

by Terry Howard

Mrs. December, 1636Edit

by Chet Gottfried

Cowspiracy by Kerryn OffordEdit

by Kerryn Offord

Domestic Violence by John ZeekEdit

by John Zeek

Through A Glass, DarklyEdit

by David Carrico

Letters from France Edit

by Kerryn Offord

Continuing SerialsEdit

Stretching Out, Part Two, Amazon AdventureEdit

by Iver P. Cooper


So You Want to Build the Internet: IP Communications in 1633Edit

by Charles Prael

Grantville Police DepartmentEdit

by John Zeek

Flying the Virtual Skies: A Brief History and 1632 Perspective on Flight SimulationEdit

by Sean Massey

My Name is Legion: Copying the Books of GrantvilleEdit

by Iver P. Cooper

Aircraft in the 1632 UniverseEdit

by Gorg Huff

The economics of airlines in the 1632 universe. What might they be?