For the printed book with this title, see Grantville Gazette VI (paper).
Alchemists Workshop

Cover:Alchemist's Workshop, 1571.

Grantville Gazette VI was first published March, 2006. It contains the following works.

Cover Edit

The illustration on the cover is "The Workshop of the Alchemist" from the 16th century by Giovanni Stradano (or Johannes Stradanus).... originally Jan van der Straet.


"A Taste of Home" Edit

By Chris Racciato

Note: This story also appears in the print version of Grantville Gazette V.

Honey and mead-making couple finds some peppers they had preserved before the Ring of Fire, and re-introduce hot pepper sauce.

"Federico and Ginger"

By Iver P. Cooper

Princess Kristina's new dance master helps stage a major event.


By Philip Schillawski and John Rigby

Note: This story also appears in the print version of Grantville Gazette V.

Up-timer become bag lady discovers overlooked source for irreplaceable springs.

"Old Folks' Music"

By Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett

Young Germans enjoy the "Hee Haw" type music played by older uptime folks.

"Mightier than the Sword"

By Jay Robison

A military Public Relations group is formed from 4-F's (men who do not qualify for the army due to disability) and a video expert.

"Grantville is Different"

By Russ Rittgers

Downtimer German comes to Grantville, boorishly hits on a woman, gets beat up at Club 250, gets drunk, pees in the street, beats up a Jew, and is forced to leave town.

"The Woman Shall Not Wear That"

By Virginia DeMarce

A downtime pastor is shocked by uptime dressing fashions, ponders banning them in his congregation.

"Live Free"

By Karen Bergstralh

An old man escapes the Grantville nursing home, swipes his old horse, and rides up to the graveyard to die on his own terms.

"The Dalai Lama's Electric Buddha"

By Victor Klimov

Note: This story also appears in the print version of Grantville Gazette V.

A peculiar gift is brought from Grantville to the 5th Dalai Lama.

Continuing Serials Edit

"The Doctor Gribbleflotz Chronicles, Part 1: Calling Dr. Phil" Edit

By Kerryn Offord

After finding that downtime alchemists consider the work beneath them, the women of Grantville hire self-proclaimed Doctor Gribbleflotz to make baking soda.

"Dr. Phil's Amazing Lightning Crystal"

By Kerryn Offord

To get him to make baking powder, Grantvillers give Gribbleflotz some kiddie electric projects, including a student's science fair project to make piezoelectric crystals.

"Dr. Phil's Aeolian Transformers"

By Kerryn Offord and Rick Boatright

Grantville's radio group wants crystals to make headphones. Serendipitously, Dr. Gribbleflotz has been making Rochelle salts (which are piezoelectric) from the science fair information he previously received.


"Exegesis and Interpretation of Up-timer Printed Matter" Edit

by Francis Turner

This article discusses the problems down-timers will have when trying to read up-time material, especially in situations where it is not possible to ask an up-timer to interpret or explain. It then goes on to discuss how the techniques of exegesis, which would be familiar to 17th century scholars, would be helpful. In an aside, it also mentions that NTL historians will also have problems, as English will develop differently.

"Bouncing Back: Bringing Rubber to Grantville"

by Iver P. Cooper

"On the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Wooden Aircraft"

by Jerry Hollombe

"The Jews of 1632" Edit

by Douglas W. Jones