Grantville Gazette IX was published in electronic edition September, 2006.


Mail StopEdit

By Virginia DeMarce

Martin Wackernagel, a courier, who for years has been traveling the Imperial road between Frankfurt and Erfurt (near Grantville). resists pressure to join the post office, since he does not want to be limited to riding short hops. A Jewish boy in one of the towns is enamored of the post office, but his parents and prospective in-laws will not allow him to pursue it. He sabotages the marriage negotiations, leaves town and joins the post office. The girl he actually likes moves with her mother and peddler father to the Fulda military base. In the meantime, an Italian re-invents the stencil duplicator, based on items in the Grantville museum. A Fulda noble has anti-Semitic pamphlets made, and Martin helps Grantvillers trace the source to arrest those involved. Martin's mother has also been nagging him to marry for years, but at the end he confesses to his sister that he has wives all along the Imperial road.

The story was later reprinted in DeMarce's book 1635: The Tangled Web.

Those Daring Young MenEdit

By Rick Boatright

A group developing catapult-launch gliders honors their 11th test pilot death.

NCIS - Young Love LostEdit

By Jose J. Clavell

Note: This story also appears in the print version of Grantville Gazette V.

Those Daring Not So Young MenEdit

By Rick Boatright
Proof that old dogs can learn new tricks - and the threat of death won't persuade them otherwise.

A Matter Of TasteEdit

By Kerryn Offord

Grantville military boys insult their downtime military chef by demanding "real food."

Those Not So DaringEdit

By Rick Boatright

Anna the BaptistEdit

By Terry Howard
The regulars down at the 250 Club learn about a group of down-timers that are just as scorned by others as they are.

Fly Like a BirdEdit

By Loren Jones


By Mark H Huston

Water WingsEdit

By Terry Howard

Under the Tuscan SunEdit

By Iver Cooper
Sherlock Holmes fan Lewis Bartolli is sent down to Tuscany to secure access to boric acid, but finds himself having to deduce if some newly found Etruscan artifacts are genuine or not.

Wings on the MountainEdit

By Terry Howard

Pocket MoneyEdit

By John and Patti Friend


By Karen Bergstralh

The Minstrel BoyEdit

By John Zeek

Note: This story also appears in the print version of Grantville Gazette V.


By Sean Massey

Tool or DieEdit

By Karen Bergstralh

If at First You Don't Succeed...Edit

By Paula Goodlett

Waves of ChangeEdit

By Paula Goodlett and Gorg Huff

Try, Try AgainEdit

By Paula Goodlett

Little Jammer BoysEdit

By Kim Mackey

Sage at First BaseEdit

By Mark H Huston

The Order of the FootEdit

By Richard Evans

The TransmitterEdit

By Gorg Huff

Continuing SerialsEdit

The Essen Chronicles, Part 3: Trip to ParisEdit

By Kim Mackey

At the Cliff's EdgeEdit

By Iver P. Cooper

Butterflies In The Kremlin, Episode 2: A 'Merican in MoscowEdit

By Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett

The story is reedited into 1636: The Kremlin Games.


Radio in 1632, Part 3Edit

By Rick Boatright

The Sound of MicaEdit

By Iver P. Cooper

A Tempest In a BaptisteryEdit

By Terry Howard

The Daily BeerEdit

By Anette Pedersen

White GoldEdit

By Kerryn Offord