Gorg Huff is a Texas citizen who has enthusiastically helped in researching the series background, written numerous stories for the Grantville Gazettes, and contributed both maps and drawings to 1634: The Bavarian Crisis. Gorg began as a solo writer, but now principally teams with Paula Goodlett. Together, they began the long serial "Butterflies in the Kremlin" with Part 1: A Russian Noble in Grantville Gazette VIII which begins the Eastern European thread (as opposed to the East Central European thread). They have been working with the spies in Russia and the Russian spies in Grantville in nearly every issue. As of volume 18, the Russian prince was marrying an American and the Kremlin was in crisis. A heavily re-written version of the serial provided the basis for the 2012 novel 1636: The Kremlin Games.

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