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The Masonic Square and Compasses.

Freemasonry is a non-sectarian, international fraternal order open to men who believe in a Supreme Being (broadly defined) and meet several other qualifications. Freemasons believe that wisdom comes from the east and sometimes identify one another by the following exchange:

-"Are you a travelling man?"

-"I travel from west to east."

Fraternal bonds among Freemasons are supposed to transcend national allegiance, and Freemasons in opposing armies are expected to assist one another if this is necessary and practicable.

Freemasonry is opposed by the Catholic Church as espousing theological and metaphysical ideas contradictory to the Nicene Creed, and membership in a Masonic organization incurs automatic excommunication from that religion.

Freemasonry in 1632Edit

Henry Johnson and Officer Marvin Tipton are two of Grantville's Freemasons. Tipton visited Johnson in interviewing him over Young Tommy Cooper's death. Before Tipton left, Johnson gave him a Mason hand sign insuring that he wouldn't tell anyone what they talked about until Tipton states it is okay.