Fred Logsden
Fictional Character
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): Grantville Gazette V through Grantville Gazette XV
Nationality: United States of Europe (formerly United States)
Religion: Presbyterian
Spouse: Susan (deceased)
Children: Carney Logsden
Relatives: Velma Hardesty (daughter-in-law), Cory Joe Lang (step-grandson), Pamela Hardesty (step-granddaughter), Susan Logsden (granddaughter), Tina Logsden (granddaughter)

Fred Logsden is a Grantville resident and the biological grandfather of Susan Logsden and Tina Logsden. Fred was stranded in the 17th century after the Ring of Fire, in which it had separated him from his son Carney who was left up-time. His only closest relatives were his daughter-in-law Velma Hardesty and granddaughters after his wife Susan passed away a few months after the ROF.

In August, 1632, Fred was visited by her granddaughters who voiced their concerns of their mother's recent downtrodden lifestyle and unhealthy habits affected by the ROF which endangered the girls. Particularly Susan who had amassed a considerable sum money from selling Barbie dolls - which Velma has of yet known. Fred had heard the rumors about Velma and understand with his granddaughters' plight and saw to seeing Maureen Grady, who works for the Child Protection Agency. However, Grady didn't prove much help to take legal action against Velma as she pointed out that Tina and Susan aren't actually abused by their mother according to the law, including Velma's recent lovers.

Within two days, Velma learned about Susan's wealth after chasing away her recent lover who told her about it and confronted Fred, who was forewarned by a timely phone call. Velma demanded in seeing Susan and publicly willingly to rob her own daughter of her future. Fortunately, Fred was assisted by Judge Maurice Tito who overheard the exchange and brought a placated Velma and Fred inside the latter's home where Tito legally emancipated Susan and Tina and placed under the guardian of their grandfather while relieving Velma from the expense of child support. This left Velma in a devastated state before going into a rant against her daughters in which Fred interjected that all Velma ever done to alienated herself. Velma retaliated by throwing a coffee cup at Fred, who barely caught it and sternly told her to leave.