The Fourth of July Party was a political coalition (although it called itself a political party) created and led by Michael Stearns, Melissa Mailey and Quentin Underwood after the Ring of Fire. The party was strongly supported by both native Americans and a large majority of German residents and refugees in Grantville. Party members defeated John Simpson and his supporters in the 1631 general election held in the New United States.

The party was considered to be divided between Melissa Mailey and Quentin Underwood, both recognized as leaders of the Fourth of July Party's "left" and "right" factions, respectively.

After the formation of the United States of Europe, the Fourth of July Party became one of the new nation's major political parties, the other being the Crown Loyalists. After the Ram Rebellion, the party formed an alliance with the Ram movement, in which they agreed not to run candidates against one another.