The Emergency Committee Cabinet consisted of almost all Grantville's main leaders in 1632. It was formed in the immediate aftermath of the Ring of Fire when an Emergency Town Meeting nominated a number of people to the Grantville Emergency Committee while Mike Stearns chaired the meeting. Stearns nominated not only friends and UMWA members, but former rivals like Quentin Underwood, who he felt would prove valuable to the towns' operation. Also, he appointed Rebecca Abrabanel as his National Security Advisor, taking the first step towards integration with the local people.

The Emergency Committee oversaw Grantville's first six months in 1631, and fought a number of battles, domestic and external to the town before holding elections of delegates to a constitutional convention which then formed the New United States. Stearns had, in fact, deliberately delayed the calling of the constitutional convention a short while until he could lay political groundwork after the Battle of Jena crossroads among the other nearby communities to eventually add stars to have some other states to unite.