Other works that can be characterized in the setting are parts of the novel 1634: The Bavarian Crisis and the forthcoming sequels 1635: Soldier of Bohemia (long delayed while resolving the demanding schedules of Eric Flint and David Weber— which delayed the whole series for several years as the 1634: The Baltic War sequel would have been adversely affected.) and 1635: The Eastern Front are also believed to be set in the East Central European thread. Beginning in September 2007 Flint began the ongoing serialization of the The Anaconda Project novel which continues from where The Wallenstein Gambit left off beginning in the Kingdom of Bohemia in Prague with discussions in the early chapters about acting militarily and politically (by local CoCs) in the east (Silesia and other outlying areas of southern Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth).

The original "working title" of Soldier of Bohemia was 1635: King of Bohemia, and that title and clues revealed in 1634: The Bavarian Crisis which in the most part geographically can be laid in this regional setting. The solo Flint novel, The Anaconda Project (serialized to date solely in The Grantville Gazettes) is also in this setting, and is believed to be the prequel to Soldier of Bohemia which it is speculated, will center its action on the reactions of the new king of Austria-Hungary, Ferdinand III of Austria, and his attack on Albrecht von Wallenstein even as he makes peace with Gustavus and the United States of Europe, or not. That coming conflict has been foreshadowed in three separate works: The Bavarian Crisis, Flint's tale in Ring of Fire II, and in the Anaconda Project itself, where Wallenstein is strong arming the popular accidental-hero (part of The Wallenstein Gambit) Morris Roth into becoming a general and heading up his army and plans in the east for he and Pappenheim expect to be busy in the south with Ferdinand III of Austria's armies.

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