David Carrico's bachelor's degree in music theory and composition is reflected in the musical theme that runs through his fiction.


Music: Franz and MarlaEdit

Franz Sylwester was a crippled down-and-out down-timer musician who was victimized by a rival for his prestigious post as first violinist of the Cathedral of Mainz. He gradually made his way to Grantville, where he was exposed to "modern" musical knowledge from "Master Herr Professor Wendell" (the high school music teacher) and singer and musician Marla Linder. From both he learned about the breadth and depth of modern musical instruments and systematized musical theory.

Magdeburg PoliceEdit

  • None So Blind, Grantville Gazette X. Uptimers are training downtime beat cops. One pair follow beggar kids back to a Fagin who kills one and then has to be shot.
  • Through A Glass, Darkly, Grantville Gazette XII. Magdeburg cops seek an uptimer selling stolen silver; they do not know he has also assaulted a goldsmith's daughter.
  • Rachel's Plaint, Grantville Gazette XXIII. A murdered merchant is found in a locked room.


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