The Crown Loyalists were not precisely a political party, but a coalition of several different parties (or at least factions) within the United States of Europe. The Crown Loyalist membership consisted primarily of aristocrats who were opposed to Michael Stearns' policies as Prime Minister of the USE. However, the Crown Loyalists were divided and ramshackle in their political ideology, and were held together by their elected leader Wilhelm Wettin, and a complicated crosshatch of favors exchanged between Wettin and a large number of noblemen. There were also people and groups under the Crown Loyalists who were quite certainly anti-Semites.

Among the policies of the Crown Loyalists was the restoration of established churches in those provinces whose legislatures elected to do so. However, Wettin had been very careful to stipulate that no minority faiths - even non-Christian ones - would be penalized in any way. Another policy was to reinstate, or at least give provinces the ability to reinstate, traditional restrictions on citizenship. This was stickier, as open citizenship was something that neither the Fourth of July Party or the Committees of Correspondence was willing to bend on.

In 1635, the Crown Loyalists won a narrow majority in the USE parliament, and elected Wettin as Prime Minister. They did much worse in the subsequent elections of 1636, losing the majority in both houses of Parliament.