Cornelis Jansen van Sallee
Historical Figure
Nationality: Netherlands
Relatives: Anthony Janszoon van Salee,
Jan Janszoon
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): Grantville Gazette XV
Type of Appearance: Direct
Cornelis Jansen Van Sallee was a son of Dutch pirate Jan Janszoon, and the younger brother of Anthony Janszoon van Salee.

Cornelis Jansen van Sallee in 1632Edit

Cornelis Jansen van Sallee was sent on a journey to Grantville with his reluctant guide and forced tutor Sergio Antonelli by Cornelis' father, Jan Janszoon to learn more about the town and its technologies with the hope that such knowledge would benefit his father and the Republic of Sallee. To ensure Cornelis' safety, Jan Janszoon held Antonelli's son hostage, and instructed to Antonelli to bring Cornelis back within two years. Antonellis was instructed to teach Cornelis English and German.

Cornelis and Antonellis visited Haarlem on the way to Grantville. They brought Janszoon's first wife and the extended family gifts. Cornelis was also tasked with learning the fate of his older brother Anthony.

Cornelis was curiously dismayed that Antonelli hadn't actually been to Grantville. Upon examining a Barbie doll that Antonelli had acquired, Cornelis was curious as to the nature of Grantville's women.

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