800px-Buffalo Creek Mannington

Buffalo Creek in Grantville's real-world counterpart of Mannington, West Virginia.

Buffalo Creek was a large brook that carved out the main valley in which Grantville was situated before the Ring of Fire. It ran directly through the downtown area of town. Prior to the Ring of Fire, it generally flowed from west to east, and eventually flowed into the Monongahela River.

The Schwarza River in Thuringia was cut by the edge of the Ring of Fire at Schwarzburg, so that it fell downslope to replace a feeder stream of Buffalo Creek, allowing Buffalo Creek to continue to provide cooling water to Grantville's electrical power plant.


  • The Great Buffalo Canoe Race, referred to in "Second Starts" (Grantville Gazette XI/1636: Seas of Fortune) is actually an annual event (as of May 2014) in Mannington, though it was officially renamed sometime after 2000. The fourth running was on May 1, 1999. It is not known whether or not Grantville continued holding the race after May 1632; there do not appear to be any indications either way.