Brother Johann
Fictional Character
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): Grantville Gazette III
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Germany
Religion: Catholicism
Occupation: Cleric
Relatives: Gretchen (sister, deceased), Inga (sister, deceased)
Affiliations: Order of St. Benedict

Brother Johann was born in the Saale River Valley in Thuringia. As a boy, Johann was an avid reader, borrowing many works from Herr von Schoenfeld, a neighbor. Johann's literary interests guided him to his work at the Abby of Fulda. There he met Brother Georg who taught Johann the art of preserving books. Through his education and time with Brother Georg, Johann decided to leave his Lutheran faith and join the Order of St. Benedict.

By the time of the Thirty Years' War, Brother Johann was the last surviving member of his family. After the appearance of Grantville, Brother Johann was summoned by the Abbots of the Order of St. Benedict and was presented with a history book entitled Western Civilization obtained from the town from the future. After reading the book, the Abbots grew concerned that the Order of St. Benedict shrank over the centuries. They tasked Brother Johann with learning as much as he could about Thuringia from Grantville. Johann saw the task as a sign from God, and a monumental journey. Additionally, Johann appreciated the opportunity to return home.

After days of travel, he met a small American construction crew near the joined Elbe River Valley and Saale River. He also had a brief view of future technology in the form of a backhoe. He continued his journey, witnessing more farming vehicles on the way, and arrived at the warning monument at the former Brauns' household. Johann realized that the land that had belong to his family had totally been replaced by Grantville, which he ascribed to divine irony.

Brother Johann later was directed to the Grantville Library where he met librarian Marietta Fielder.

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