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  • Skyrocket

    Bits and Pieces

    January 11, 2013 by Skyrocket

    Since I have some extra free time this month I'm going to spend some of it helping out on this Wiki. I've been on a big Eric Flint kick lately so I'm having a lot of with all things 1632. I'm going to focus mostly on places. I think the details on the Ring of Fire world outside of Europe could use a little fleshing out. Of course, our knowledge of those places is limited so I'll have to go slow on it. But I created an article on Cambodia which we saw in "All of God's Children in the Burning East" so I think that's a good start.

    I'm considering making an article about Australia or Mexico next. Again, not really places touched on but I think giving wiki users more of an idea of what's going on in the wider world would help them understand eve…

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  • Gunslinger6792

    Im a little confussed as to wheather or not grantville founded the USE and weather or not the USE is part of sweden or seperate country. I ask because i know that the USE has gustavus as emperour but also a prime minister. if somone can break this down for me that would be great.

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  • Jacob T. Fawkes

    I have been making a serious effort to add pictures to the historical and paticularly fictional characters when I can honestly identify a specific person from others.

    For example I was able to identify Anne Jefferson from the covers of the Grantville Gazette.

    So a question came to mind when I was analyzing 1636: The Saxon Uprising's cover. On the cover there are three people; one guy when grey uniform, one brown haired women, and a clearly visible blond hair female that dosen't quite seem to match Anne Jefferon. In fact she seems to more fit the description of Gretchen Richter from 1632. So the question I have is, do any of you

    think that this female is Gretchen Richter or someone else? I admit I haven't had time to read The Saxon Uprising s…

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