Battle of Zwenkau
Timeline: 1632 series
Part of The Eastern War
Date August 1635[1]
Location Zwenkau
Result Decisive USE victory

USE Flag

United States of Europe

Flag of Electoral Saxony


PLU flag

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Commanders and leaders
Lennart Torstensson
Michael Stearns
Hans Georg von Arnim-Boitzenburg
Łukasz Opaliński

In the Battle of Zwenkau, the three divisions of the USE Army led by Lennart Torstensson met the army of Saxony led by von Arnim, ending in a decisive victory for the USE.

Torstensson used the Third division, led by newly-appointed General Michael Stearns, as bait, thinking that von Arnim would see Stearns as a novice showing his inexperience. The Saxon cavalry charge, which also involved some Polish hussars, was broken by the USE's volley guns and APCs.


Torstensson had two cavalry regiments in reserve, for the purpose of intercepting John George. The Elector of Saxony attempted to flee to Bavaria, which meant going through the mountains of the Vogtland, where he was killed by local rebels led by Georg Kresse.

Von Arnim retreated to Leipzig with his remaining army.

The involvement of a small unit of hussars from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was used as a pretext by Gustav II Adolf to invade the country.


  1. 1635: The Eastern Front

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