Battle of Lundy's Lane
Part of War of 1812
Date 25 July 1814
Location Niagara Falls, Ontario
Result Tactically indecisive
United Kingdom United States
Commanders and leaders
Gordon Drummond
Phineas Riall
Jacob Brown
Winfield Scott
Eleazer Ripley
The Battle of Lundy's Lane was a battle of the War of 1812, which took place on July 25, 1814, in present-day Niagara Falls, Ontario. It was one of the bloodiest battles of the war and one of the deadliest battles ever fought on Canadian soil.

Battle of Lundy's Lane in Trail of GloryEdit

The Battle of Lundy's Lane came weeks after the American victory at Chippewa. General Jacob Brown and Brigadier Winfield Scott were both badly injured during the fighting and had to be removed from the field. Scott was out of the war for several months.

While the British government claimed the battle as a victory, veteran soldier Patrick Driscol analyzed reports and concluded that the battle was in fact a draw.

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