The Army of the Niagara, also known as the Left Division, was a division of the United States Army of the North, an army which fought on the Canadian frontier during the War of 1812. In 1814, the Army of the Niagara was under the command of General Jacob Brown, and headquartered at Buffalo, New York. However, for several weeks in the Spring of 1814, direct command was left to Brigadier Winfield Scott, who used European methods of training to remake the Army into the most professional army the U.S. fielded.

The Army of the Niagara was part of the U.S. triumph over the British at the Battle of Chippewa.

Army of the Niagara in Trail of GloryEdit

Led by Winfield Scott, the Army of the Niagara provided the United States with a much needed victory in the North in May, 1814.

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