Anna Braun
Fictional Character
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): 1632, Grantville Gazette I
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Germany
Date of Birth: 1615
Parents: Jurgen Braun, Tilda Braun

Anna Braun was a farm girl living in 17th century Thuringia, Germany. During the Thirty Years' War, in May 1631, Anna and her family fell victim to Spanish mercenaries in the employ of Count Tilly. Anna was almost raped by two mercenaries before managing to run for her life in the direction of the Ring of Fire. Fleeing blindly, she bumped into Police Chief Dan Frost and the posse from Grantville. Still in a state of terrified panic, Anna continued to run, heedless of the posse, while her pursuers were gunned down by Frost.

Anna came to the home of George Blanton and hid in his barn. Blanton found Anna and tried to convince her to come out, but she was too afraid to come near him, despite Blanton's offerings of food and water. Eventually she came out in the presence of Elizabeth Reardon, who provided some German translation. Anna explained her terrifying ordeal. A sympathetic Blanton sheltered Anna and helped her adjust to 20th century surroundings. The next day, Anna was went with Blanton and Readon to Grantville High School where she was reunited with her mother, Tilda, who was recuperating from her own rape. Anna was very dismayed and sadden to discover that there were no reactions coming from her traumatized mother. Anna later returned to Blanton's home and developed a close bond with Blanton, eventually becoming a surrogate granddaughter. She was later reunited with her recuperated mother and in turn tried to get her accustomed to Grantville. Both daughter and mother then traveled with Blanton to their now abandoned home where, after a moment of emotional pause from remembering their ordeal with the mercenaries, they salvaged their belongings before traveling back to Blanton's home.

The following year, George Blanton died in his sleep. Anna was the first person to find him when she was going to wake him before realizing, to her horror and sadness, that he had died. His will left all of his possessions to Anna.