Abel Servien
Historical Figure
Nationality: France
Date of Birth: 1593
Date of Death: 1659
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Occupation: Diplomat
1632 series
POD: May, 1631
Appearance(s): Ring of Fire II
Type of Appearance: Direct
Occupation: War Minister and Diplomat
Relatives: Etienne Servien (fourth cousin)
Abel Servien, marquis de Sablé et de Boisdauphin, comte de Roche-Servien and comte de La Roche des Aubiers (1593–1659) was a French diplomat who served Cardinal Mazarin and signed for the French at the Treaty of Westphalia. He was an early member of the noblesse de robe in the service of the French state.

Abel Servien in 1632Edit

Abel Servien was a highly intelligent, supremely educated man whose achievements off the hunting field had just won him election to the newly-formed Academie Francaise, an accolade that paled somewhat beside being regarded by Cardinal Richelieu as a smart man. He was also a very likable man for his loud and bombastic personality. Among his patrons was Jules Mazarin. Servien became minister of war and able to place any number of his relatives in the cardinal's service. His fourth cousin, Etienne, was one of the more notorious of the special intendants who did the cardinal's more surreptitious work.